What is the process for obtaining a translation of my document?

1. Requesting a quote 
Email jo@hardinglegaltranslations.com, enclosing:
The document to be translated (a scanned copy if it is a paper document or you can send it by post upon request). The deadline by which your translation needs to be completed. If the request is for interpreting services, an outline of the context, any related documents and the date and time of the service requested.
2. Provision of a quote 
Harding Legal Translations will:
Confirm availability and capacity to provide the requested translation or interpreting service and give you a quote.

3. Acceptance of the quote* and instructions
Confirm you would like Jo to proceed with the translation or interpreting for the amount quoted and the time specified.
* Your acceptance of the quote will assume your acceptance of the Terms of Business as set out in document sent with the quote.

4. Invoice for the translation
Upon delivery of the translation, Harding Legal Translations will send an invoice in euros for the agreed price, payable within 30 days.  

How is the cost calculated?

The cost for translating a document is calculated on the basis of the number of words in and the content of the document and the urgency of the translation. Interpreting services are charged on the basis of time and context. Quotes are given on an individual basis.